First blog post – 8th January 2018

The last meal before chemo.
My story of breast cancer treatment through mealtimes with a Filly (aka a toddler), a ‘work away’ husband, 2 (adorable but ever so slightly feral) dogs, chickens, ducks and a muddy pony.

Monday 8th Jan
Today was meant to be the ‘last meal before chemo’. Ally and I were planning a lunch, just the two of us, as Filly is in nursery. I’ve been wanting to try the new Wagamamas in town for ages, but with an outrageously low chilli tolerance, my dear husband wasn’t keen. I badgered and badgered and he gave in. We ate half the menu, and they had freshly made juices – bonus! I’ve read lots and lots about diet during treatment; the NHS party line is ‘a balanced diet’ but I was already on a low oestrogen diet (see previous history for that tale!) and still my ‘trouble’ is massively oestrogen positive, so I’ve decided to try juicing, as well as a few other bits and pieces (I’m sure I’ll get to them later) to try and make a difference to side effects and tumour growth. We are attacking this like the British Cycling Team and Team Sky cycling, ‘Marginal Gains’ as my dear husband says – we are of the opinion that anything that could help is worth trying, even if it only offers 0.5% reduction in side effects or tumour growth. Those 0.5%s quickly add up to something tangible. So, we had a blueberry, carrot and ginger juice – ok, quite earthy though; and a celery, mint, lime and apple juice – well, if it was possible to add booze to this it would be actual heaven, but even without it was delicious.
So, this should’ve been the last meal before chemo, but at my morning appt to get my cold cap fitted, they pushed my chemo back to the 11th Jan, they want me to see a different surgeon on the 10th.
There are many reasons (mostly selfish) why I wanted the chemo to start on the original date: it would have worked with Ally’s work so I’d have him with me at appts, it would be good for Filly’s routine, as well as her grandparents’ routines (who are helping us out with childcare), it would mean that I might be fit to ride at weekends, in my mind I had a plan that I’d spend Tues – Friday in bed and resting, letting the side effects have their moment and then on Saturday I’d be back to normal, ready for the weekend, like the rest of the world. Now the sessions are moving to a Thursday and it’s really shaken me, my plan has gone out of the window and I don’t like change. It’s made worse that the first chemo session is now on the anniversary of my dear Father in law passing away. How can I look after Ally and my mother in law when they are running around after me (Alyson, my lovely mother in law will have Filly on chemo days.) I feel horrible for them, this bloody cancer has no boundaries.
So, now do we choose Wednesday night as my last meal before chemo, or Thursday morning?


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