10th January – it’s just Not cheese

image have a surgeon appointment at 1630 this afternoon, it’s looming over me as soon as I wake up. Ally and Filly are wonderful distractions and we have a long lie in and an early lunch of flatbreads, mango chutney, poached eggs and tons of chilli sauce, with the obligatory greens on the side too. Filly ate a yogurt and some beef stew, at the same time, with the same fork!
By the time Filly had napped, Ally’s mum, Alyson, was here to take over so that we could head to the breast clinic to see my surgeon. I hate hospitals so much, poor Ally has to stand outside, in the cold, with me for about 10 minutes before each appointment while I have a mild panic attack. I hope it will get easier for us both as time goes on. My surgeon is lovely and we talk lots about options for surgery and for different types of reconstruction, she gives me lots to think about and to talk through with the Macmillan clinical psychologist I’m due to see in a couple of weeks. My first feeling when I was told about the cancer was to immediately request a double mastectomy, but on (lots of) reflection since I can see that there are other options, at least I have a good few weeks to discuss with the doctors, Ally and my family.
My surgeon also said that tomorrow would definitely be my first chemo; so what to eat this evening?
I was feeling pretty wiped out after seeing my surgeon so we decided to go for an easy meal of vegan bean burgers, vegan cheese (although I notice on the packet that they aren’t allowed to call it cheese, this is a good thing as it is most definitely NOT cheese) and sweet potato fries. Very little puts me off my food (my granny eating a tomato is pretty much the only thing – she sucks it clean off the skin, it’s horrid) so I cleaned my plate before taking a photo, so here’s a photo of NOT cheese!


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