Thursday 8th February- Boredom and pie lies

Thursday 8th February – Boredom and pie lies

I can honestly say that I am never bored, I have piles of magzines in almost every room of the house, I have a shelf of unread books and a pile of text books on my desk. I have a cupboard full of painting materials, a long list of DIY projects, a basket full of crochet wool and needles (2 people have already tried and failed to teach me (thanks Auntie Y and Claire) but I am determined to learn) I live in a wonderful place which is a joy to walk in, I have dogs that need grooming, friends to see, a horse to spoil with liquorice, and thats without spending time with Filly, Ally and my family. However, I am BORED of cancer.

Cancer is dull, exhausting, and really bloody boring. I’ve been feeling pretty crap after the last session of chemo, the nausea has been fairly constant despite the meds and for the first 3 days I was extremely tired in the mornings, I wasn’t out of bed before lunchtime on Friday and Saturday. I have to watch Ally try to manage Filly, the boys, the house and me on his own during the post-chemo weekends and it’s tough; he works extremely hard during the week so he needs his weekends to rest, but instead he’s running around after me (literally when its time for my nightly injection). And to top it all off we had to miss our dear nephew’s christening on Sunday. It was in London and there was no way I could travel while feeling so sick and as much as I tried to convince Ally to go, he could see that I wasn’t in a state to be left alone. We will have to make it up to him with more presents and extra cake. As an aside, dad’s jabs were much better this time – a definite, and welcome improvement!!

I am relieved that cycle 2 is out of the way, but I’m now thinking about cycle 3, and cycles 4, 5 and 6 Cycle 4 is all change onto a new set of drugs – Trastuzamab, Pertuzamab and Docetaxel, the first 2 drugs are ‘targeted therapies’ given to patients who have a specific type of breast cancer (mine, if you recall is both Oestrogen and HER2 positive). These drugs can cause some fairly nasty reactions so are a) given slowly over 1-2 hours, and b) require a lengthy period of observation in the hospital following them being injected. They are then followed by Docetaxel which is another type of chemotherapy, for this I will need to wear the cold cap again (should I still have enough hair left.) So, it looks as though I will be in hospital for about 9 hours (at best) for cycle 4….boring.

The steroids I take during chemo sent my appetite crazy again; I now have, what I call ‘the steroid 3’, where I gain 3lbs during each cycle of chemo, but thankfully lose it again before the next cycle. I still eat healthily when on the ‘roids, but in addition I go potty for carbs (wholemeal of course.) There was one exception to the wholemeal carbs though, which was discovering that JusRol puff pastry was vegan. This meant that I had to (absolutely had to) make a pie. We love pies in my family, but there have been many lengthy debates as to what a pie is, we all firmly believe that to be a pie it must have a pastry top and bottom, which is why I need to correct myself and state that I did not make a pie, I made a pie lie. In fact I made 2 pie lies, one was leek, mushroom and turkey in a creamy béchamel sauce for my parents, and mine was leek, mushroom, spinach and pea pie in an oat milk and vegan butter béchamel sauce, both lies were topped with the vegan puff pastry. I know one shouldn’t speak highly of ones own cooking, but it was really very good. I didn’t miss the butter or the cream in the sauce, and the veggies each had different textures within the sauce (I left the chestnut mushrooms whole or just sliced in half) which went perfectly with the crunch of the crisp, flaky pastry. As we are all greedy (sorry mum) we had a whole Savoy cabbage sautéed in vegan butter with a generous sprinkle of freshly grated nutmeg and smoked garlic olive oil mash on the side. The leftover meat lie went back with my parents to share with my brother,

and they rest of the veggie lie is in the fridge for Ally….maybe!


One thought on “Thursday 8th February- Boredom and pie lies

  1. You are doing amazing Lou, wish we were closer so we could take the dogs out for you or, well, just eat all this food you are cooking! Love from us x

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