Sunday 21st January – frustrations and roast pork

Sunday 21st January – frustrations and roast pork

I am, very proudly, a trustee of a local Riding for the Disabled group, the Kitty Barron Group. We are a relatively small group but are one of the few groups who don’t charge our clients to ride, which means we rely entirely on fundraising. I’m absolutely passionate about our cause and so are the other trustees all of whom give up much of their free time to keep the group running. We meet several times a year, and Friday was our first meeting of the year; when I first told my good friend, and Chairlady about my new situation, she instantly excused me from meetings, fundraising events etc, but I was convinced I’d be able to make the meetings. As I was feeling well on Friday morning, Filly, Ally (he was home as he wasn’t programmed to fly) and I went for a lovely lunch (butternut squash, beetroot and houmous sandwich for me) and walk around Dyrham Park, using our new National Trust membership. As soon as we got in the car to come home I started yawning. It was the oddest feeling, I literally couldn’t stop myself and my eyes and limbs felt like lead. I slept in the car and slept again once we were home. My family will tell you that I hate napping, it just isn’t for me, but I had no choice. Sadly I wasn’t up to attending our meeting and ended up watching back to back farming documentaries on the sofa with Ally – how I miss Friday gin o’clock. It’s the first time I’ve had to miss something that was important to me, it’s very frustrating and I have to remind myself that this should only be for the short term, but still…..grrrrr!

My forgetfulness is something else that is frustrating, I’d completely forgotten I had a psychologist appointment on Saturday morning, thank goodness Ally sets an enormous amount of alarms on his phone and we were reminded. It was interesting to chat to the psychologist, and I think I’ll go and see her again. She likes dogs so that’s obviously a big tick.

For the third time this year we woke up to snow on Sunday and had a very excitable Filly, she loves the snow and was shouting to go and play as soon as she was out of bed. Sadly the falling snow turned to rain, which turned the snow in our garden to hateful, muddy slush so we quickly re-planned to go out for a Sunday roast instead. We went to a lovely pub called The Lamb Inn, in a very beautiful village, Great Rissington. We haven’t been for food other than a roast, but all three of us are very fussy about our roasts and they’ve always made a super roast. And, I had decided that this was going to be my first chemo cycle treat meal, so I needed to choose very wisely indeed where it would be.

As this was my treat lunch, I started by ordering a very small glass of Aussie Shiraz. The chemo I am taking can cause liver damage so I decided early on to give up alcohol during treatment, but I have been missing the odd glass of red wine, so after much thought, and Ally finally “just get a glass woman”-ing me, I did. Despite it being a ‘wine by the glass’ it was fairly tasty, had good body and a warming amount of peppery spice, I certainly savoured every drop. Ally and I ordered the same meals, I think he did this so that I wouldn’t steal half of his (my appetite is almost out of control). We both had pigeon (rare, and I know I shouldn’t have rare meat during chemo, but pigeon is my all time favourite) to start which was served on toasted brioche with cabbage and proper wild mushrooms, followed by roast Kelmscott pork, with Yorkshire pudding (yes!) and 5 different vegetables. The pork was soft with a thin, crispy cracking on the outside, the Yorkshire was vast and the stuffing was filled with tart cranberries and sweet apricots. The whole meal was delicious, and I was finally full, but not my dear husband.  While I was sipping a black decaf coffee he was ploughing through a pear tarte tatin (with a little help from Filly). I fell asleep in the car on the way home again, I’m not sure if that was chemo, a glass of wine or the enormous roast lunch.


2 thoughts on “Sunday 21st January – frustrations and roast pork

  1. When all this is done with you should come over and taste some proper Australian wines , we keep all the good stuff here and we lived near the main wine region (Margaret River) , beer, whiskey, gin area for WA..


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