9 Jan 2018 – not chemo day

imageTuesday 10th Jan
No medical appts – hoorah. They drain me so much, that even when Ally takes a phone call during breakfast to book me in for an ECG heart function test, I lose the plot and can’t finish my breakfast. Breakfast, for the record, now contains: oat milk – no dairy will pass these lips again, which is obviously shit because cheese is bloody wonderful stuff; it also contains hemp, chia seeds and flaxseeds – which are actually pretty pleasant and add variety to my Waitrose granola; and then also wheatgrass – oh goodness, this may be wonderfully healthy stuff but I feel I now understand why Blue and Ella (the horses) like Liquorice and bucket feeds so much, grass tastes rank! (I will write write about why I think all of these dietary changes will make a difference when I get another 5 minutes peace.)
We also try to recreate the green juice from yesterday. It was not great! Filly kindly spat her tiny sample of the juice all over the sofa, it’s very green. Ally and I got ours down and I think it’ll be ok next time with a little less celery and a lot more of everything else.
Ally and I have always loved eating out, and thankfully Filly has inherited our love; she is almost at her best when we go out to eat, she loves food and people and can show off just how funny and clever she is 😍 We decided to take afternoon tea at Cowley Manor, one of our favourite local places to spa and eat. It was a glorious afternoon, Filly was able to tear around as they are very family friendly and the service is always spot on. The tea was enormous and I decided that this would be my ‘treat meal’ where I have no rules (for my sanity I’m allowing one treat meal each cycle of chemo). So we ate: rare beef and sweet beetroot sandwiches, egg and cress (should be awful but I always save them for last, I love them, although I would obviously never admit that), salty cucumber sandwiches (I promise to always season my cucumber sandwiches from here forwards, soooo good) and hot smoked salmon, which I gave to Ally as I found a bone in my first bite – grrrrr! Filly wolfed down my plain scone with jam, but left my fruit scone as Ally distracted her with some of his chocolate brownie. The cakes were dreamy, a little canale which was just on the right side of bitter with dark toffee, the aforementioned brownie which was covered in sweet white chocolate (Ally had to have half of mine, as it was a wee bit too sweet for me), a light as air carrot and cinnamon cake (Filly also snaffled most of this from my plate), and finally a tarte au citron, my favourite. I’d saved this until last, but suddenly had a panic, what if it’s horrid, will this tip me over the edge? The way my luck has been going it will be the worst lemon tart ever and will probably choke me or punch me in the face. (My gruncle (grumpy uncle) Wally describes me often as a drama queen, I don’t know why!) After a deep breath, and a ‘get a grip woman’ look from Ally I shoved it in my mouth and thank the world, it was yummy! Not very sweet, a good kick of lemon that just gets you in the back of your mouth and buttery, crispy pastry. Happy days.
It would have been the perfect last meal before chemo, but there’s no way I can make it to Thursday with nothing else to eat, so back to the drawing board, or shopping list!


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